How DropBox Can Help Your Band Practice

So you’re at band practice and you’ve just recorded the most awesome riff since “Stairway to Heaven.” Everyone is pumped and can’t wait to hear the new recording. You rush home to mix down your masterpiece. Now what?

Let me introduce you to DropBox.com. Dropbox is not just another large file transfer site. Dropbox’s unique file sync software makes it easier than ever to share files with your band mates.

How Does it Work?

Dropbox allows you to sync files online and across multiple computers automatically. The Dropbox software creates a folder on your computer that will sync with your online account and any computer synced to your account. Anything placed in this folder will automatically be added to the loop.

So How Does it Help My Band?

You can start by signing up for the free 2 gig Dropbox account. Once you get a user name and password give them to each band member. Instruct them to download Dropbox and use the same user name and password for their installation. Once installed, band members should now have a Dropbox folder in their documents folder. Next time you record an epic at band practice you can mix it down to an mp3 and save it in the Dropbox folder. Now everyone will instantly have a copy of the new tune in their Dropbox. Simple!

Dropbox comes in three flavors.

Basic 2gig = Free
Pro 50gig = $9.99 / month
Pro 100gig = $19.99 / month

There is a great video on the Dropbox homepage that can explain their services even better.

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About the Author: Jeremy Knedler

I am a professional musician and songwriter. I have been singer and guitar player for several successful bands including Lucky Levin, Real Mother, Beautiful Sinner and currently Make Joy Cry.

  • Ptjunkie

    Thanks for the tip. I had heard of Dropbox but haven’t checked it out. I will now for sure.